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Use of TalentRITE  requires subscription to e-VERIFILE.COM. Subscription is easy and FREE.

As an e-VERIFILE.COM Subscriber, users will have the option to order a variety of

On Demand Risk Assessment
data and Administrative Support solutions.


  • User becomes a subscriber, sets up their account, and login to e-VERIFILE.COM.

  • Once their account has been set-up, the subscriber can learn more about TalentRITE and request that it be activated for their account.

  • Once activated, the subscriber can access the TalentRITE User Interface (UI) where they can create, customize, and preview application and registration forms, as well as review responses from applicants.

  • Once the subscriber creates and saves a template to the system, a URL is generated. The subscriber posts the URL address on their career page of their website.

  • Applicants find opportunities listed on the subscriberís website and clicks on the URL link.

  • The URL link directs the Applicant to the Subscriberís TalentRITE Applicant Page where they access the online applications/forms that correspond with the opportunity that they have selected.

  • The Applicant completes and submits the online application/form. Subscribers can access and review the submitted applications/forms by logging into e-VERIFILE.COM and selecting TalentRITE.

  • TalentRITE can be set so that it automatically conducts background checks on all Applicants who submitted responses via e-VERIFILE.COMís Risk Assessment Data services.

  • Subscribers can also add e-VERIFILE.COM Administrative Support Solutions to Pre-screen applicants and keep track of candidate information.



Use TalentRITE to:

Applications &
Registration Forms

Pre-Screen & Manage
Candidate Responses

Candidate Information



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